Digital illustration project – report

Student: Sara Isabel Belinha Pereira

Professor:Daniel Pedrosa

Santa Maria de Lamas, de Novembro de 2017

This report was made with the intention to explain the steps I took whle making the illustator project, part of the school subject ‘Oficina de Multimédia B’.

Before making this report, I made a brief apresentation of my finished project. It consists in making a vector image of our face on the program Adobe Illustrator and pairing it up with a painting of our choosing in order to, later on, imprint it on a T-shirt.

“Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process.” -Christiane Paul. Font – (

To be able to do this project I saw youtube tutorials on how to work with the program, asked how to do little things from one of my classmates and discovered how to do it through trial and error. I also heard input from the professor about how I could improve my work. One of the last things I did was choose what  painting I wanted to work with, though I researched it before.

To be able to do our portrait our teacher had to photograph us. With that photo, i made this project. This one is actualy my fouth try – while using the same photo – because i didn’t like how the others turned out and I was too far in he projects to undo everything so I just started over.

Anyways, I started by making the contours of my face , glasses, earings and hairs, like you can see below ( however, the neck lines were added later on to fit the painting I chose better) :Untitled-1

Next, I used the base ones of th picture and filled it in, like the picture below portrays – minus the neck area, which was added later on -:Untitled-2Afterwards,I added the shadows and lights, as well as some details to put the picture together, as shown in the following images :


After chosing what painting I wanted, which ended up being  The Last Judgment Polyptych by Rogier van der Weyden [1445-50] (just a part of it, seing as this painting has several panels), I  thought that the skin tone change from the painting to my face was too contrasting, so I also did the line work ,base tones, shadows and lights (according to my own tones).Untitled-2maosFinaly, I reached an end result that I was moderaly happy with, and while it is no where near perfect, i think it works well.

ofm17_SaraPereiraWhile making this project, I learned how to use a few of the things the program Adobe Illustrator has and discovered a few ways to make digital art. I liked doing the project , probaly because I like digital art in general and I had a lot of fun messing around with this program, making silly things like demon eyes on the photo or a tsunami of this illustrations. Today, what i would do differently would probally be adding more details and skin tones changes, maybe using another photo as reference and/or another art piece, to make it more interesting for me.

Anyways, i’m actually fairly content with how it turned out actualy.

See you next time.


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